Reviews for Don’t Wait:

Heather at Night Owl Reviews: Ms. Lowe has woven a sweet and spicy story that has great characters and an interesting storyline. Her characters are believable, intelligent and sexy. Her storyline is unique, sweet and has just the right amount of sexual tension for this type of novella. This is a book that I will definitely be adding to my keeper collection. I am delighted to recommend this book to others.

Emily at Ecataromance: Elaine Lowe writes a quick paced erotic tale of a second chance  for a couple who have never crossed the line to show each other their desire.  Sizzling tale that keeps you riveted until the end!

Jennifer at RRT Erotic: A freak accident turns out to be the impetus needed to transform two friends into lovers in DON’T WAIT. There is a deep friendship and love between Becca and Gabe, but both are willing to hold off until the time is right. In the aftermath of the storm, both are forced to face their feelings for the other, and realize that time is too precious to waste. Both characters are younger, and somewhat innocent, but the relationship between them and their willingness to experiment makes for some very interesting romantic scenes. An enticing short story with an unique premise, be sure to look for DON’T WAIT.

Reviews for Scandalous Profession:

Amy at ECataromance: Who knew? Who knew that proper ladies from the Regency era knew how to shake their tail feathers, much less write about it? Scandalous Profession is a delightful break from the typical Regency romance. The hero and heroine are not peers of the realm, although both are respectable. And Charlotte is fantastic as a woman willing to break the rules to take care of her son, but never lost sight of her dreams. As I mentioned before, Richard is delectable. What woman wouldn’t desire a man who simply wants to “worship her body?” Happily, Richard does more than worship Charlotte’s body.

Nicole at ParanormalRomance: This is the first book I have read by Elaine Lowe. I am not a regular reader of historical romance but this was a good choice by far. The way this author portrayed a single mother during the time of Regency London was great. I don’t know all the ins and outs of that time, but Elaine wrote a beautiful love story that explored some hidden secrets that most of us have and are afraid to set free. Being the single mother that Charlotte Mallory is can be lonely at times, and Richard Wilcox sets her thoughts and dreams on fire. Could this be the man for her?

Klarissa at Joyfully Reviewed: Scandalous Profession is what happily ever after is all about.  In such a short story, I got completely caught up in Richard and Charlotte’s lives.  Each one having overcome struggles to find their way to where they are now.  Scandalous Profession made me believe in true love and happily ever after all over again.  This story reads so different from many historicals, but it will still transport you to the time and place.  That’s why I’m making Scandalous Profession a recommended read.

Krista at Coffee Time Romance: Ms. Lowe has written a sizzling book that makes any room seem much hotter. It has a direct impact on one’s body temperature and makes you want something cool to drink. Charlotte and Richard find each other to be equals in everything, a surprise for both since their past did not lead them to believe something like this could exist. This story is pure steam and hopefully won’t burn your fingers while reading it. It is that hot!

Brenda at The Romance Studio: The plot is compelling and this quick-read story is a beautiful way to escape into a world of feel-good love! Each of the two was longing for another with which to share his/her life; both had backgrounds which left them cynical. Ms. Lowe has taken a fresh look at a rapport which could lead to disaster if Richard found out what Charlotte did for a living. I thoroughly enjoyed this rapid read and felt as if I was part of the scenario. I highly recommend this book to anyone. This is my first Elaine Lowe novel; it will not be my last!

Reviews for Lady Six Sky:

Samantha Ann at Night Owl Reviews: An intoxicating blend of impeccable research and vivid imaginings brings an ancient world to life. Ms. Lowe breathes life into her characters and gives them all the nuances of humanity in their strengths, weaknesses, loves, and hates. The reader is swept along as though given some miraculous time traveling ability to experience what life was life in the Mayan world. But this is not all cold research and data. Emotions run high as well. Hot bodies and hot sex combine with the enchanting story telling to create a tale any reader will treasure.

Jean at Fallen Angel Reviews: I really enjoyed this story. The author has based this book on actual Mayan historical figures, resulting in a skillful combination of history, anthropology, and romance in a time and place that is rarely the subject of romance novels. The story is simple, yet because of the setting, it seems fresh and new. I enjoyed the main protagonists, Chanil and Ah Maxam, because they brought the action to life and seemed like real people. I could easily picture them living in the great stone cities of southern Mexico and Guatemala. The very erotic love scenes also reflect the Mayan culture, combining deep human feelings and the religious ritual required of the rulers of these fabled kingdoms. I urge those who like to combine their romance with a bit of historical realism to read this novel.
Danielle at Review Views: Raw and natural, Elaine Lowe has given us one more wonderful work of historical fiction in “Lady Six Sky” that will invoke all of the reader’s senses.

Reviews for Seeds of Garnet:

Heather at Coffee Time Romance: Elaine Lowe has created a new world of passionate possibilities with Seeds of Garnet. Irav and Matrissa are each completely unique, and learning about them and their worlds was quite engaging. Ms. Lowe has a gift for setting a scene and grabbing a reader’s attention from the first sentence. As a life-long romance and Sci-Fi fan, I am happy to say these characters and their tale stand up to the scrutiny of a discerning eye. Kudos to Elaine Lowe for this first book in the DMTR series. I will be watching closely for the others to follow.

Reviews for Sea of Pearls:

Paige at Reader Views: “Sea of Pearls” is a very fun, erotic quick read.  The author, Elaine Lowe, has written a very unique plot.  I totally enjoyed the refreshing change of pace in this story.  She also does an awesome job with writing the intimate scenes.  Having Garom’s physiology designed a little different from human men, made everything in the story even more fun. “Sea of Pearls” is definitely a story not to be missed.

Valerie at Manic Readers: The fourth book by Ms. Lowe, Sea of Pearls is billed as a stand-alone sequel to Seeds of Garnets.  While it can be read alone, there are several references to things that happened in the first book that would be easier to understand if you’ve read it. That said Ms. Lowe is an excellent writer who brings you strong imagery and hot eroticism. I enjoyed this book even more after I went back and read the first one.

Reviews for Veins of Turquoise:

Romantic Times (as part of Tempting Turquoise anthology): This scintillating collection will entertain and gratify with a variety of venues and some hot, hot sex that includes menage à quatre. Each story is well written and contains a diverse array of characters, which complements the action.

Valerie at Manic Readers: The stand alone sequel to Seeds of Garnet and Sea of Pearls, Veins of Turquoise by Elaine Lowe is only loosely connected to the other two books in the series. If you haven’t read them you might have a few questions, but not enough to put you off reading the book anyway. The story is fairly unique; I haven’t read many like it (not too many stories about sentient planets out there). I like Ms. Lowe’s way of turning a phrase and her scenes are packed with drama and emotion from start to finish. The love scenes are smokin’, be sure to keep a fan handy (since it’s winter and -3 degrees here that should tell you something). All in all an enjoyable read.

Reviews for Enchant the Dawn:

Mel at Romance Reviews Today: ENCHANT THE DAWN is a passionate tale of romance during the Prohibition era in U.S. history. Daron and Sophia scorch the nights and the days with their lust for each other, but Daron will not let them consummate their desire until Sophia is ready to trust him with her heart. Side characters Alan, who runs his family’s still, and June, a poor woman struggling to protect her daughter, will melt readers hearts.

Reviews for Foretell the Flame:

Arianne at Night Owl Reviews: Mrs. Lowe has blended and weaved a tale of suspense and excitement in only eighty-six pages. The characters have personality and intelligence to spare. This story will hold readers attention until the very end.