Looking for a brief break from my current work in progress and my busy life with my day job and the PTA, I’ve been submitting short short stories to a great new site, EveryNightErotica.com. They are free for all! Go, read some hot romance and enjoy.

Here’s the beginning of them:

Stealth and Concealment

Anny Snow took a deep restorative breath as she walked into the elevator nearest her office. Research and Development had its offices at the very bottom of the underground ultra high-tech Department S facility, and so it was going to be a long ride up to the surface. Hopefully at this hour the Metro wouldn’t be too crowded and she could get back to her apartment outside Arlington without too much trouble.  She threaded her hands through her tangled wavy black hair and rolled her shoulders and wished that she knew a good spell to relieve tension. Or that her tiny apartment had a decent bathtub for a long soak. Working at all hours on the latest in magical defense for the U.S. government did not make for a relaxing career choice.

It was Thursday, and it was very late; so late it was probably early Friday, but Anny had worked herself to the bone today for one purpose only.  Starting tomorrow, Charlie was getting three whole days off from Agent training, and she was going to spend some quality time with him.  She had decided, for the first time in two years, taken a day off.  Her boss had raised an eyebrow, and then she’d given Anny a big smile, “About time, my dear.  You’ve certainly earned it!”

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And my first, first person perspective tale: When I Meditate

When I meditate, and with all the fucking stress in my life and my Type A personality I have to do that a lot, I don’t picture exotic mists across a primordial forest or a soft dry wind blowing along a sand dune at twilight. That just makes me worry that my hair is going to frizz or my skin need for moisturizer. No. What’s that moment when my world is now, not past, not future. Not the job and the kids and the hellish PTA meeting and the refinance and….when I just am.

Sex of course.

And no, not the cuddly contented reddish glow of aftermath, when I hold his body to mine and love the weight of him bearing down on me, leaving me a little breathless and loving it. That’s nice, but at that moment I still need to fight off the swirling demands of thoughts that battle for brain space. It’s easier, sure, lulling myself with the feel of his breath against the slick skin of my shoulder, the wall of my pussy still shuddering slightly, still gripping him and wanting him not to slip out yet, but to feel every second of contact. Even when he’s up against my back, his cock still deep though he’s slowly softening, his teeth nipping at the back of my neck and my eyes still blinded by the dizzying array of purple flashes from those deep orgasms from my favorite position, I still can’t quite call that the most peaceful, most content, most “now” moment of my life. Sure, it’s pretty fucking fantastic. But that’s not what I think of when I meditate. It’s not the memory that makes the rest of the world wash away.

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