Hello everyone!

   I’m very excited, I’m going to be doing an internet radio interview with Cat Johnson Tonight at 10pm Eastern, 7 pm Pacific time.

Wish me luck. I’ve got butterflies. I get to talk about one of my favorite books, the first book I wrote, Match Made by Moonlight.

Also, I got a great review for my latest release, Foretell the Flame, from the ever useful and insightful Night Owl Romance:


4/5 Hearts
By Arianne:

1805 Italy, Contessa Cassandra is in a bad marriage. The Conte rapes and drugs his wife so she will have real visions of the future. He wants her to have visions about gambling futures so he can cash in but all she has visions of are people at war and her dream lover, which he does not know about at all. The Conte decides since he bought his wife, he should sell her to Napoleon’s army so her visions could be put to use for the army. Tash, a Magi is looking for his beloved ashavi, his life mate, and dreams of her at night. Cassandra is Tash’s ashavi. Will these two ever get together in the story since they have different backgrounds?
Mrs. Lowe has blended and weaved a tale of suspense and excitement in only eighty-six pages. The characters have personality and intelligence to spare. This story will hold readers attention until the very end.