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A stand-alone story in the Passion Magic series.

A prisoner of her greedy husband and clairvoyant visions, Contessa Cassandra di Lucana dreams of her gypsy lover. His kisses, his hands, his cock inside her. He teaches her everything she’s never known about love and ignites passions hot enough to burn. He keeps her sane when death seems the only escape.

Tash Pourtales is impatient for his mate, his ashavi, tofind him. Dreams of making love to her are not enough—he needs to worship her. Within moments of meeting, their need drives them together and their fiery completion seals their bond. Husbands, French generals and family prejudice be damned.

Unfortunately, they don’t have the darn cover up on the Buy site…sigh….But I’m still happy. Proves that I can reclaim a rejected story and make it better, faster, stronger, hotter.  Go me!

/shameless plug