A new commitment to writing!


   Long time no see! It’s been a while since i’ve posted, but I plan on being here much more in the very near future. One of my contract day-jobs is ending in mid-May, and I’ve decided to take the leap and devote a big chunk of time to writing, promoting and blogging about it! 

  I haven’t been able to finish any writing projects for a long time, and now I’ve got plots running amok in my head, fighting to get their way into my word processing program. Some examples:

   1) About 3/4 done, a project in my Magi series, about a clairvoyant countess and the mountain Magi who she’s really meant to be with. Set in war torn 1805 alps. Interesting things you can do on horseback abound.

   2) A sequel to Nancy’s Sweet Spelling be about another of the Wakely Werewolves, Mary. Think about extending the Wakely candy empire to the West Coast, a dead sexy Tazmanian wolf who happens to be a master chocolatier, and a mystery regarding the fall of a San Francisco chocolate company. Did I mention running wild through the vineyards of Napa?

   3) Another Magi book, set in the 1880s on the Big Island of Hawaii. A Portguese baker with a magic touch, and the twin Magis who show her the meaning of lust and love.

   4) An interesting twist on time travel, with a couple of college students in the present who can’t quite cross the boundary of friendship to lovers, and the physics experiment that sends one into the future, where he learns a needed lesson in the power of passion.

   5) An erotic Regency about a woman trying to hold her family’s shipping empire together, and a reluctant earl trying to reclaim a family legacy he’s not sure he even wants. A masquerade, abolitionist and an evil double cousin make the fireworks between these two ignite.

Sound interesting? I’d love feedback!


Hello everyone!

I’ve got some exciting news today! First of all, I’m blogging for the great site, Night Owl Romance, about writing and inspiration. Come see my article: http://nightowlromanceblog.blogspot.com/2009/04/inspiration-glory-and-bane-of-writer-by.html

Also, I have just gotten my first ever book in print! It’s beautiful! I’m part of an anthology Tempting Turquoise, and Veins of Turquoise is in there in black and white print!

And coming up on Friday, the next book in my Passion Magic series is coming out. Follow the next Magi as he finds his mate in Elizabethan England!