January Newsletter

The rain has returned and boy does California need it. I know my garden does! Time for a cup of hot tea and to pull up my keyboard and get writin’! What do you like to do in on a cold winter day? The nights, cuddling (or more) with a partner is ideal on a chilly night!

I’ve just published by January newsletter, with info on my latest releases, Tears of Talent and Veins of Turquoise, as well as some other tidbits. If you want to receive my newsletter, send me an email at [email protected]!

Happy Year of the Ox!

New Release and a New Publisher!

I love Ellora’s Cave, but I’m also very happy to announce my first book with another great publisher, Cobblestone Press!

Today one of my favorite books, with characters I love and an intricate, sexy plot is finally coming out. Tears of Talent was a labor of love, and I hope you read it and love it as well.

A hero, Rajan Azra, battles to subdue the forces of evil. But, in victory and its aftermath, what happens to his trusted sidekicks, two lovers trapped within an epic adventure. Iona Gabal, common-born Sense Mage, dreams of the death of her lover Lir Morgan over and over again.

Is it prophesy or simply battle terror from fighting an evil overlord? With the help of the symbiotic nanites that give them power of Talent, Iona will save Lir’s life, by trapping him in a portrait. But will life be worth living when he can’t touch the woman he loves? 

I’m also happy to announce that my first ever print book will be coming out in Spring of 2009! Veins of Turquoise will be included in an Ellora’s Cave print anthology called Tempting Turquoise. I’m so excited!!!!


Now, if my vertigo would calm down so I would keep working on the three books I’m juggling in my brain, I would be perfectly content!