Happy New YEAR!!!!!!!!!!!!

Start your New Year off with a bang! The third installment of Lithian Lusts is out TODAY! I am so happy with this series. I hope to revisit this planet and its fascinating people soon, and catch up with some of the couples I’ve loved to write. See how the ship DMTR and her crew are interacting with the hard bodies of Lithos in:

And don’t forget the other books in the series:

I’m also very happy to be participating in the Night Owl Romance Web Hunt

Check out this fun contest at one of my favorite review sites and enter to win cool prizes (including a copy of one of my books, Reveal the Heart!)

Have a Happy Healthy Wonderful New Year. Best wishes and HAPPY READING!!!

Some Incredible Art and and Unexpected Release!

Hello everyone! Happy Holidays!

I hope you are all having a wonderful winter. My Solstice Day has been full of lovely cooking scents and some great news on the writing front. The next book in the Lithian Lusts Series, Veins of Turquoise is coming out December 31 – a great way to start the New Year off with a bang.

he standalone sequel to Seeds of Garnet and Sea of Pearls.

Galita is full of discontent. The orgy rooms on the Tessnet don’t satisfy her anymore, and the windswept plains of her new part-time home, Lithos, call to her. Mardon, a huge, red, mysterious Lithian, haunts her thoughts waking and sleeping. For the first time, she wants to know what a man feels like between her thighs, not just in simulations, but a real hard, hot man.

Contacting an alien consciousness and saving the planet from destruction are just distractions from the most amazing sex she could even imagine—and she’s got one hell of an imagination.

A while back, I contracted an incredible artist and friend to help imagine the couples from the Lithian Lust series. I’m posting a sample here, with the full image to come later. Venessa is amazing and she’s going to go far. So I present Lithian Lusts: Pearl, Garnet and Turquoise

Please do not use this image for anything. Hey, I trust you guys.

I’m also happy to announce that on January 9th, I have my first book coming out with Cobblestone Press. Tears of Talent.

Tears of Talent is a labor of love, an experiement for me in a different style of writing. It’s an erotic, epic science fiction about the sidekicks of a man who has to save a planet, and how they pick up their shattered lives after the great victory. It’s about a love that can create magic, on a world where magic is science and an everyday event. Lir and Iona are some of my favorite characters, and I hope you check out this book and get caught up in the dense story!

I hope everyone has a Very Merry Holiday, and leaves some time on a quiet New Year’s Day for a little light reading! You won’t regret it!!!