Hi folks! so, I hope I won’t be annoying you, but I’m going to try and ramp up my promotion efforts a bit in the coming months, in an attempt to get my name and books out there a bit more. To try to do that I’ve joined Twitter and am going to try and post bi  s and pieces during the day. Let’s hope I don’t get addicted, it looks like too much fun!

Also, a new publisher for me has finally come through and is getting started editing my science fiction story, Tears of Talent (aka The Portrait). Here’s to hoping it’s published soon!  Here’s some cover art for it:

Some more art and a new sale!

Hello everyone! How’s your fall doing? The weather is definitely getting cooler here in California which is a relief.  I love fall weather and looking forward to playing in leaf piles and making stew and fresh bread and the house smelling from baking.  My son is back to school and having a ball.  My only problem at the moment is the occasional migraine, but overall my health has been good and I’ve been busy!

First of all, I’ve sold my first contemporary, which also happens to be a shapeshifter erotic romance, to Ellora’s Cave. I’m very nervous to enter the world of contemporary and shapeshifter romance, but I think Nancy’s Sweet Spelling Bee is a fun romp. It will be part of their February 2009 "Candy" theme.


Excerpt of Nancy’s Sweet Spelling Bee

Boy, I love new artwork!!!

Ok folks, I’ve got another book coming out in the Passion Magic series in November, a sequel to Enchant the Dawn set in WWII.  Reveal the Heart will have a touch of Christmas fun and a whole lot of HMS (hot monkey sex).  But, looking at the cover I just got for it, I bet you’d been able to tell that:


This is a bit small, but there’s a great line on the poster about "Buy War Bonds". Hee.  Isn’t Jack HOT!!!!  I am so happy with this.

How is everyone? School has started and summer is almost over, alas.  I love the crisp weather of fall though, and I’m having fun writing another story set in New York, this time in the fall.  It’s my first pure contemporary (no magic or shapeshifters, just regular folks…if you count a prince as regular folks).  Rudy and Ronnie is the tentative title, and I’m hoping to make it into the Ellora’s Cavemen anthology next year.  Wish me luck!

I’ve also entered the EPPIE awards again this year, with hopes of going to the EPICon conference in Vegas this year.  I love Vegas, and I haven’t been in a long long time, so here’s to hoping for a nomination this year!

Ok, enough with the shameless plugging.  Tell me how you are doing, eh?