Lady Six Sky is Available Now!!!

Hello everyone! It’s been far far too long since I’ve posted, though I did manage to send out a newsletter last week! I’m on the mend from a long bout of breathing problems and my wonder whiney preschooler who’s very bored will be going back to school later this week.  That means I can go back to writing!  Woohoo!

I’m slowly working on some new stuff, contemporary thi time, believe it or not, and I hope to make a lot of progress in the next couple of weeks.  I promise, you’ll be seeing more excerpts very very soon!

For now, here’s an excerpt from my spicy, sexy Mayan adventure, Lady Six Sky:

She shivered as her mind plunged back into the memory of the night before. The village where they had feasted and had been welcomed with song and dance and plenty of good food was as serene and simple as a hundred such in the Petexbatun Valley of New Mutal. She had been sleeping in the mud-brick home of the village leader, comfortable on the finest of woven hammocks, when she had been jerked awake by the oddest sensation. Heat filled her sex and fired her blood and her nostrils flared open like a large cat tracking its prey. A noise drew her attention, something wild and untamed though it was just a muffled whisper. The sound drew her out of her comfortable hammock and out into the field surrounding the clustered buildings of the village. Those camped on the ground were soundly asleep. No one, not even the posted sentries were in a mood to impede her.
She had stepped into the forest a mere two zapals away, the waxing moon providing enough light to make the jungle full of curious shadows that made the imagination long to create monsters. The low, gasping sighs, the slap of flesh on flesh was growing distinct and part of her mind had known she should turn back. But her curiosity carried her forward, stealthily moving through the brush until coming to a clearing filled with beams of filtered moonlight. There were a man and a woman enacting the holiest and most profound of rituals, the glory of sex.
Both naked, brown skin turned silver in the moonlight, one of her ladies-in-waiting clung to a low hanging branch, bent over with a searching look on her face so intense, Chanil was unsure if it was pleasure or pain.
Ix Huk P’awil gave a low moan. “Hard, Yaxal, hard!” she begged in a soft voice. With a grunt, the man obliged and the moan became a long spiraling wail. Both warrior and woman remained ignorant of their audience and Chanil could not take her eyes off the couple. Chuc Yaxal was one of the sergeants of her company, a position far below the Lady P’awil but his naked body was hard and strong, all hard muscle and feral passion. He gripped P’awil’s hips with huge hands as he thrust hard enough to send her pendulous breasts shaking.
It was beautiful, it was frightening. Sweat-slick flesh shimmered and rippled as man and woman came together. P’awil’s wail broke suddenly into a scream and Yaxal arched his back and gave out a roar, pulling her ass against his hips with such force the branch P’awil clung to gave an alarming creak as though ready to break. But neither of the lovers noticed, lost in the peak of their pleasure.
Chanil had fled, making her clumsy way back to her hammock. In moments, her fingers had delved through the folds of her loincloth and circled her nub. She was the one clinging to the branch, a man embedded hard and hot inside her, the sounds of the forest mingling with moans and grunts and that alluring slap of flesh. She was so close to coming it was almost pain but she could not arrive. In her mind’s eye, she had turned her head and behind her, thrusting with vigor was no nameless, faceless fantasy male but none other than the memory of Tiliw T’ul, his grimace of sexual excitement somehow mocking and reverent all at the same time. It was then that she had exploded with the most amazing orgasm she’d ever experienced. She’d fallen into an exhausted sleep and slept so deeply that in the morning she was not at all sure her journey into the forest had been part of a dream or raw reality.