It’s out! Sea of Pearls is now Available!

The next installment in the Lithian Lusts series that started with Seeds of Garnet, Sea of Pearls is available today from Ellora’s Cave!


After a company shakeup, cast-iron bitch Ivani Gorl finds herself powerless and on the edge of a nervous breakdown. Time for rest and relaxation. Saving Lake Silith on planet Lithos presents a beautiful challenge.

Hydrologist Garom Sesh is also at the lake. But he doesn’t just live for the water, he breathes in it. A merman, Garom resents being chained to this planet. Though the water is silky, the pearly pebbles stuck in his gills are driving him mad!

Nothing lots of steamy, wet sex won’t fix. And Ivani is more than willing to work very, very closely with him.

Quick yum!!!

Ok, I’ve still trying frantically to finish two books by July 1, but I had to share my wonderful, beautiful covers.

First up, for my science fiction book coming out on June 25 (nice birthday present for me!).

It’s a generic cover all the “Pearl” books share, but I love it.  Sea of Pearls is the sequel to Seeds of Garnet. More on that later!

And I just got this in an email, my cover for my August release, Lady Six Sky!

Isn’t Tiliw T’ul gorgeous!
Overall I’m pretty darn pleased!

More soon, I promise!