Enchant the Dawn is out!!!

Hi Everyone! I’m so happy to announce the release of my fourth book, Enchant the Dawn.  It’s a spicy romance set in the sizzling 1920’s between a cynical flapper and a mysterious man reared as a gypsy. There’s a fair bit of flapper flare, some hot jazz, some fascinating magic, a rescue, and a cast of odd characters.  Daron knows that Sophia is his ashavi, his soulmate, but it takes a lot to convince a woman who’s given up on love.  In fact, it takes magic to Enchant the Dawn.

Watch the Book Trailer!

A HOT excerpt:

Sophia was warm and comfortable. In fact, she was warmer than she could
remember being in a long, long time. Not the sticky, sweaty heat of a New York City
summer, or the muggy breathlessness of an Ohio August heat wave. This was the
happy kind of heat that welled up from inside and kept your soul warm and toasty.
This was her heartfire burning brightly, a cheery blaze that made her feel as though she
was home.
But she’d never been here in her life. Deep in a forest she’d never set foot in,
surrounded by the tallest mountains she’d never set eyes on, she felt completely at
home. A brook rippled over rocks at her feet, splashing and bubbling filling the air with
soothing calm. The dim half-light of early morning swirled visibly around her as the
chill of the morning made her breath into clouds. But she still wasn’t cold.
He was here. This had been his home.
His smile was tender, but the heat in his eyes had been the tinder to set her aflame.
There was only a few feet separating them, and yet it was suddenly an untamed river of
swirling depths. The stream had become a ravine a thousand feet deep and dark. Only
the bravest adventurer could make such a crossing.
He wasn’t terribly tall, or terribly broad, but he held a quiet strength within that
called out to her. Skin like old wood polished to a luscious gleam and long dark hair
that caught the red tint of the coming sunrise. And from head to toe, he wore only that
gentle smile. The muscles of his chest called to be touched, the trunks of his thighs
begged to have her wrap around them. Dark hair led in a tantalizing path from his
navel to the pulsing cock that thrust toward her, weeping with want.
Tearing her eyes away from his body, she looked down at herself and found that
she was equally nude, wrapped in nothing but a long curtain of brown hair, a style
she’d left behind long ago when Jimmy had died. She was nothing special, nothing
alluring like the mysterious man on the other side of the water. But somehow, she knew
he wanted her.
He held out a hand, beckoning her to cross, and she resisted, sure she would fall to
her death. But the hand intrigued her. Beautiful, sensual fingers would be fascinating
enough, but these were glowing. Threads of light entwined around his skin, light that
she knew she recognized, but her mind fled from why. She only knew that she was
afraid to get any closer.
Then he took a step toward her, and she threw herself forward, desperate to stop
this man from falling to his death, even if it caused her own. She had to protect him!
They met in the middle, bare feet sunk in the icy cold of the babbling brook. There
was no chasm, no rapids, no real risk. Her pounding heart slowed slightly, terror and
panic subsiding with the feel of the pebbles beneath her feet. But the man in her arms
would not let her heart rest for long. He blew softly in her ear, and though he spoke
only a word, his breath carried a thousand promises. Safety. Happiness. Fulfillment.
She didn’t believe in love anymore. But she couldn’t deny the feel of his lips on her
neck gave her goose bumps, and the warmth flooding her body was welcome after
years and years of cold. Her arms wrapped around his ribs, her breasts were crushed
against his chest and it felt like this was the way she was supposed to be. His hands
roamed over her back, cupping the curves of her ass with firm possession. He felt so
damn good.
His cock pressed hard against her stomach, and all she wanted was to have him
inside her, to see the hard planes of his face tense with his orgasm, to see his eyes—oh
those green eyes. She was lost for a moment, held suspended over the chasm once again
as those eyes pierced her soul. Green wrapped around her like the strongest vine,
pulling her forward almost against her will.
Then his lips had captured hers and her own eyes fluttered closed. She ceased
trying to understand or trying to fight. She was bound to this man. Her hands moved
up his back, burying themselves in the thick lushness of his hair, pulling him closer to
her, unable and unwilling to let him go.
The kiss was hot and wet and unending. Quick breaths for air were the only
interruptions to the dance of tongue and teeth, the teasing of lips and the torture of nips
and bites and sighs and low, deep laughter. His hands cupped her breasts, his thumbs
drawing tight circles over her nipples. Soon, her knees seemed to shake beneath her and
he knelt, bringing her with him.
The cold water of the stream shocked her heated skin, adding another layer of
sensation to her already overwhelmed system. The smooth slide of their flesh was
merely aided by the water, and before she could quite understand it, he was kneeling
between her thighs and he was holding her ass in his hands as his thick cock pressed
against her clit. She wriggled and writhed until he was poised at her entrance, she
wouldn’t accept anything less than the full measure of him within her.
He slid inside and she hissed in satisfaction, clamping her thighs around him as she
wrapped her legs around his ass, allowing him to take her weight in his arms as she
bucked against him, feeling every glorious inch of him within her tight sheath. His lips
captured her nipples and she keened her approval, her hands clutching his biceps hard
enough to leave welts. Deeper and deeper she impaled herself, until she knew that the
warmth filling her soul would never go away again. Pleasure cascaded through her as
she heard his deep roar, the sound of his voice triggering her own climax. She would
never be cold and alone again.

Updates and Coming Soon!

Well, I’ve just sold the third installment of my Lithian Lust’s trilogy, Veins of Turquoise! Yeehaw! That means I’ve sold 8 books so far, 3 this year, which is halfway through my 6 books a year goal.  I may just be a working writer yet!

Also, I’m very very excited about the upcoming release of Enchant the Dawn, the first in the Passion Magic Series.  I’ve had fun making a youtube video for it, and now I’ve done a promo banner (feel free to steal it if you are interested!)

And here’s an excerpt!

Don’t forget to check it out April 30th at Ellora’s Cave!!!

My garden

I have recently realized in a fit of self analysis that I seem to put an awful lot of plants, flowers, herbs and herbal lore in my books, whether it’s a science fiction romp like Seeds of Garnet (pomegranates) or a Regency tale of long distance lovers like Match Made by Moonlight (the herbal expertise of Marianna Sanderton gets her out of a few sticky situations). So, I thought I’d share some pictures of my garden here in sunny California!

Cherry Blossoms and my house

California Poppies


Sunrise Tequila Columbine

Blooming thyme

Blooming sage…and yes, I have parsley and rosemary as well…along with tarragon, winter savory, cilantro, and I’m trying to grow a bay tree

One of my many rosebushes just starting to bloom

a bed in my front yard with salvia, santa barbara daisy, orange wallflower, blanketflower and spanish lavender

Up close on those cherry blossoms

My pride and joy, a lady banks rose that covers a section of the backyard fence in yellow roses

strawberries in just a few more weeks!

And my first tomato blossom!

A large pot with tomato plant, nasturium and marigold (the flowers help attract good insects to the tomato)

And of course, the bane of gardening…weeds!

Weeds and all, I still love Spring!  Happy Spring and check out Enchant the Dawn, coming 4/30.  It’s set around the coming of Spring to Ne York City in 1926.

My latest attempt at a trailer

My health has been doing better, and edits for Veins of Turquoise are coming along. I’ve started my next book, with is a Magi book in the Passion Magic, same universe as Enchant the Dawn. This one is set in Elizabethan England on the Isle of Wight, and magic helps stop the Spanish Armada.

My garden is in bloom and that makes me happy. I love going out and weeding or planting seeds or checking on my newly planted tomatoes. When I’m too tired to be out in the garden, I’ve been trying my hand at more book trailers, this time for Seeds of Garnet. Enjoy!