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The Ellora’s Cave magazine, Lady Jaided, has just been updated, and includes some steamy interviews with authors of some recently released books, including yours truly!

Have some fun reading about the thought processes and secret fantasies of some great authors here:

Lady Jaided Interviews

Oh, and I still think I’ve been blessed with the HAWT-est cover!  Don’t you just want to find out what they are gettin’ up to in that library?  (ok, enough with the self-pimpage already…back to the writing grindstone….)

Oh, I needed that…Seeds of Garnet

After the nervous tension of the big Scandalous Profession release, and a lot of problems in my personal life including annoying health problems, toddler tantrums and the arrival of a birthday, I am very happy to have achieved a lovely mental release.

My third manuscript, Seeds of Garnet, has been accepted by Ellora’s Cave, and is due for publication in January 2008, as part of EC’s “Jewels of the Nile” birthstones series. Seeds of Garnet is an erotic scifi story set on a fascinating planet where the line between living flesh and solid stone is blurred. Matrissa Prospera is on a mission to save her ship, and only Irav Tok can give her what she needs.

It was really fantastic to write this book, which pulled me away from another great story and simply DEMANDED to be written. Once I hatched the idea, I had to barrel through til completion. I’ve never written scifi before, although I’m a huge fan of the genre and my background is in biotech. I really think this will be a fun universe to play in, and I plan to follow up Seeds of Garnet with at least two additional books set in that world, likely a June/Pearl book and a December/Turquoise book…but the potential exists for even more.

If you have a favorite stone, and a legend attached to it, point it out to me and lets see if it works into the story of the planet Lithos!

In the meantime, I’m going back to my poor, mistreated manuscript for a magical Roaring Twenties story in NY, and give it the devotion and TLC it deserves!

It’s here! It’s here!

Scandalous Profession is available today from Ellora’s Cave publishing! Please check it out, and feel free to send me an email or comment here to tell me what you think!

Oh, I’m so excited!

Page Update and Interview

Hello everyone. Come check out the new design for my author’s blog and read my new author’s interview for the fabulous Romance website, Night Owl Romance:

Interview with Tammie King of Night Owl Romance

And, check out my New Author pages on Night Owl Romance and The Romance Studio

My release for Scandalous Profession is due out this Wednesday, 6/27 and I’m just so nervous and happy! I just got my shipment of free Moo Cards from (or moocards). They have the covers from my books on them and they are bea-u-ti-ful! I urge you to go get your own, or drop me a comment or an email, and I’ll send you a free minicard/minibook mark ASAP!

Oh, tis hard to cut text you fell in love with….

I’m nervously waiting for the release of Scandalous Profession on 6/27 and figuring out the ins and out of ebook promotion.  There are a lot of great romance sites out there like and and I’m excited to become part of those communities.  there are a lot of great authors there, and I’m hoping I can learn a thing or two and make my writing better.

I’m posting an unedited excerpt from my latest manuscript “Seeds of Garnet” before it gets chopped to ribbons.  At over 17,000 words, I’m afraid this “Quickie” for Ellora’s Cave “Jewels of the Nile” series is coming in just too darn long.  I have to cut out some 2000 words, and oh it’s just so painful to slash and burn your own work!  But, in the long run it should make for a better book.

I’d love any opinions on my first attempt at a threesome scene.  It may be confusing, but it was FUN to write.

He held the fruit before her.  She did not know what was more tempting.  The fruit or the promise of returning to Irav again and again.  She plucked a few seeds out of the fruit, and popped them into her mouth, their tart sweetness bursting on her tongue as she slowly chewed the first food she’d had in months.  Irav smiled, a huge grin that made his eyes sparkle with fire.  He squeezed the remains of the fruit in his hands, dribbling the juice into his mouth.  Then he pulled her to him for a kiss.  Long and hard, he tasted of the fruit and man.  She wrapped her arms around him, a giddy feeling of hope entering her blood for the first time in longer than she could remember.

Suddenly, she felt a cold trail of sticky liquid along her back and the smooth drag of a tongue tracing the path of its flow.  She felt a second set of hands on her body.  The man kissing her mouth had placed his broad hands on her hips, pulling her toward him and leaving her in no doubt as to how much he desired her.  The other man, utterly silent in his movements, had put identical hands on her waist and was slowly moving upward to cup her breasts as his mouth moved along her spine.  She was completely surrounded with the most dynamic and powerful man she’d ever known and she shivered in want.

Pulling back from the blistering kiss enough to bite his lip, she pulled at the trousers of the original Irav, impatient to satiate the desires he’d ignited within her.  He laughed, helping her to rid himself of the last barrier between them.  The clay Irav had her breasts in his hands, pinching tight nipples between long fingers as his mouth nibbled the sensitive skin where her ass met her thighs.

She closed her eyes and moaned, only to have her neck assaulted with a sucking bite that curled her toes.  One hand threaded through her hair and the other skimmed down her stomach to part the lips of her sex, while the other set of hands continued torturing her nipples.  She undulated between the two hard bodies, unable to tell if she was trying to get away from them or to get closer to both. 

She legs were nudged apart and a hot tongue came thrusting up into her, while clever fingers circled her clit.  A hand released her breast and gripped her hip, while a searing mouth descended to suck the abandoned nipple hard enough to make her scream.  She was overwhelmed and ceased being able to tell which hands or which mouth was pleasuring her.  Limp and almost shaking, she could feel her legs giving way to the shooting stabs of pleasure running though her. 

Strong hands guided her knees to the ground.   A mouth ran up her spine and she opened her eyes to see Irav squeezing dark red fruit juice over her breasts with one hand, the other still stroking her clit in light teasing circles.  He thrust a finger in deep and took the opposite nipple into his mouth. 

Teeth scraped the back of her neck and she moaned as the finger at her core was replaced with the tip of a hard cock.  Her hands, limp up until now with shock, seemed determined to act of their own accord as she ran her fingernails down the broad back of one man as the other impaled her in one sure stroke.  One stroke, two, three, and then the pinching of her clit between thumb and forefinger and she burst, yelling out her pleasure as her thighs shook with the force of her orgasm.  She slumped forward slightly, but one Irav held her hips to his, his cock continuing light teasing strokes as she rode out the waves of ecstasy.  The other Irav held her tight to him, his arms around her back, his lips whispering soft words close to her ear.  She could not understand their meaning, her mind was too wrapped up in her pleasure to comprehend, but the tone was loving, soothing her into complete surrender.

Soon, that mouth was easing down her body once again, chasing trails of juice and perspiration from the tips of her breasts down her stomach.  She had buried her hands once again in his hair, but soon her arms where captured mercilessly by the man behind her, who held her to him as the man at her front gracefully turned over, arching his neck to nuzzle his nose into her folds, bumping against the cock that was already there, embedded inside of her. 

Breathing fast and hard, filled with more energy and vigor than she’d ever felt in her life, she shuddered in pleasure and stared with greedy eyes at the visual feast before her.  Long legs and chiseled thighs, muscled chest and flat stomach, coarse dark hair leading to the erect cock twitching with want, already leaking and aching to be inside her.  With sudden determination she pulled away from her capture, falling hard on her hands and sweeping down to take that hard length into her mouth, licking the salty fluid from the tip.  He jerked against her touch and if her mouth hadn’t been full to bursting with him, she would have smiled.

She ran her tongue around the head, trying not to lose control as she felt his tongue stroke her clit and a cock thrust into her at the most incredible angle.  Not caring if she couldn’t breath, she took in as much of him as she could into her mouth, the taste of the tart juice on the tongue blending perfectly with the earthy saltiness of him.  She bobbed up and down, rocking in rhythm with the thrusts into her core and the dancing counterpoint of the drag of his tongue.  Her hands curled under his ass, pushing him up into her mouth as she felt the tip of him hit the back of her throat.  She felt heady with power as his hips lurched and the rhythm of his tongue faltered for a moment. 

Then reality came crashing back as her hips were jerked back with force and that thick firm cock hit in just the right place, just as her clit was sucked hard in just the right way.   She swallowed him whole, her body wracked with spasms as sensation took over.  She felt teeth at the nape of her neck as one Irav continued his thrusts and she soared even higher, completely lost in a torrent of rapture.  Her tongue pressed against the length of him, unable to stop as she held almost no control over her body. 

His hips arched up and she felt hot cum fill her mouth, just as his twin thrust one last time and spilled deep within her.  She consumed him, licking and sucking every last drop, loving the taste of his own hard-won surrender.  Her arms barely holding her up from the heavy weight of the man behind her collapsing against her.  Suddenly, the weight disappeared and a rain of sand hit her back and the ground.  The clay double has simply disappeared, his purpose finished.  Her arms gave way in shock and she felt to her side, still shaking from aftershocks of indescribable pleasure.

She lay gasping for breath, tears running down the sides of her face, either from intense happiness or the sorrow that she would have to leave her garden, and Irav, all too soon.  He twisted around awkwardly, enfolding her in his arms and holding her tight, both of them clinging to each other.  Their kiss was sweet and salty, filled with their combined essence and the unique taste of Lithos itself.  Although she knew she would have to leave, she needed to rescue her ship from the brink of oblivion, she wasn’t sure if she had the strength to leave him.  Not when he’d given her a world.